Shake, Rattle the Roles: Britains Cabinet Reshuffle


Britain's prime minister starts today with a very different cabinet than he had yesterday on. Peculiarity of british politics is the cabinet reshuffle. A sudden reordering of who's in charge of what in the government this one was. Well telegraphed and members of parliament had been pressing. Boris johnson on. Who shouldn't be in charge of much with all the talk of cabinet. Reshuffle can the prime minister guarantee that the foreign secretary will finally be sucked that any shuffled or does he intend to the world and competence reshuffles serve many purposes rewarding loyalty punishing perceived foolishness and setting or resetting a political agenda but they're messy and embarrassingly public ministers shuffled past the cameras outside downing street toward their new fates expecting a promotion. Knew it might not seem like a great time for such disruption with the country focused on what the pandemic will bring next and on britain's role in the crumbling of afghanistan but the prime minister has plenty of other business still to attend to and now a new team to tackle. It was expected that. Boris johnson would hold reshuffle. He has space to do so. Now and macelroy is a senior editor at the economist. Britain's coming out of the pandemic enough to do something like that. that wouldn't look like distraction. He won a tight vote on tax raising last week to fund the nhs and social care so he feels that he sweeps all before him. And this is the time to clear out some deadwood and makes them promotions. And what is the dead wood. That's been cleared out with the most. Prominent deadwood. That went out was dominic robb brexit. Here a lawyer. He became foreign secretary and went through that role. I think without great distinction. But he did it and then got into terrible trouble. When the fall of kabul happened. He was on holiday with his family and he didn't really appear to respond quickly enough to the

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