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Good morning and welcome the kid news. I'm kim today is thursday september sixteenth. Twenty twenty one and we begin with a brutal new report about a super popular social media app according to the wall street journal. Instagram is toxic for teens. Not only that but parent company. Facebook knows it. An investigation by the paper found that facebook's own studies concluded that it's instagram platform made body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls for boys. Fourteen percents of the site made them feel worse about themselves in general. Us lawmakers from both parties are demanding answers and say they're working with a whistle blower from inside company to give them intel in the meantime a group of democrats has also fired off a letter to facebook. Ceo mark zuckerberg asking him what he knew about the studies and when he knew it and to abandon his plans for a kids version of instagram. You've heard of spiderman. Captain america the hulk. But what about sean. Chee if you haven't you're not alone because even the creators and star of marvel's latest blockbuster sean in the legend of the ten rings hadn't heard of him either and even if the superhero wasn't well known before he deserves recognition now the first and only marvel movie with an asian lead asian american director and writer smashed a labor day box office record in the us. Earning ninety four million. It's opening weekend. Producers cast famous asian stars such as michelle yao and aquafina fan favorites from another hit film with an all asian. Cast crazy rich asians. The hope is that sean ci will similarly break down stereotypes and lead to a higher interest. In movies with majority asian casts. More evidence that we're all in this together eighteen of the twenty guerrillas at an atlanta zoo tested positive for kovin just days before they were expected to get shots specially engineered for animals officials. Believe the apes caught the virus from one of the workers who cares for them. The employees had been fully vaccinated and was a symptomatic although later developed symptoms and tested positive. Guerrillas share ninety eight percent of their dna with humans. So it's not a big surprise. They're susceptible to catching the virus. Unlike humans gorillas living groups called troops which zoo officials say makes it impossible to isolate them back in january eight infected guerrillas at the san diego zoo were treated and recovered. If you had to choose the who've made the biggest impact in the world this year who'd be on your list. Time magazine is out with its annual list of twenty twenty one top one hundred most influential people. Some of their top picks whom they're calling icons include prince harry and meghan the duke and duchess of sussex tennis. Great naomi osaka baseball fee. Nom shohei ohtani pop star britney spears and celebrated civil rights activists cheryl and i feel director of the n. Double acp legal defense and educational fund. Also on the list. Climate activists pioneers and politicians including seventy eight year old president. Joe biden according to the magazine's editor in chief. It's a community of leaders whose energy and commitment we hope inspires others to spring into action as well in other kid news notes. One of california's historical landmarks is getting a name change. Squaw valley home to the nineteen. Sixty winter olympics will now be known as palisades. Tahoe owners of the ski resort and made the change after local and regional native american tribes objected to the use of the word squad which is widely considered to be an offensive racist and sexist description of native american women. And as you may have heard by now. California's governor gavin newsom. We'll get to keep his job. The democratic leader successfully beat back. A republican led recall attempts on tuesday becoming the second governor in. Us history to do so and judging by early results the race wasn't close. Votes counted so far. Show the golden state's residents rejecting the recall by about sixty four percent challengers. We'll have another chance at the state's top job when mr newsom goes up for reelection next year. And that's it for kid news this morning. Now are kid news quiz. According to the wall street journal and facebook's own studies what popular social media platform is harmful to teams mental health. St- instagram. what's the name of the marvel superhero new to the spotlight. St- shonky squaw valley. Ski resort will now be known as what. St- palisades tahoe. What's the name of the governor who just beat back a recall effort.

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