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Live from NPR news. I'm Shay Stevens. Forecasters say Tropical Storm Nicholas is expected to make landfall somewhere along the Texas Gulf Coast Any minute now Nicholas could dump up to 18 inches of rain on parts of the region through the middle of the week. Florian Martin of Houston. Public Media reports that many coastal areas are not new to the kind of flooding that's now expected. The coastal county of Brazoria, just south of Houston, has had five major floods in the last six years. County judgment. Sebesta says he does not expect Nicholas to be a catastrophic event and hopes the storm will keep moving after it makes landfall. But folks just need to be prepared. And not panic. People make stupid decisions when they panic. So they just need to keep with trusted news sources and keep their wits about them, and I think we'll all be fast. Sebesta says. Brazoria County is well prepared for this storm with volunteers, boats and high water vehicles are ready to deploy if needed. I'm Florian Martin in Houston President Biden toward fired ravaged parts of Northern California today, noting that climate change is fueling severe blazes. In the West and storms in the nation's east by now also noted that the costs associated with weather disasters are expected to reach a new high extreme weather in the United States. Cost the United

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