Sean Feucht on Saturating Washington DC in Prayer


Us more about the prayers. The next day the white house all that kind of stuff. Yeah so this is our second year in a row doing this and one of the things we really try to do is is really saturate. The city of dc. It's a. I would call it. It's almost like a pilgrimage. For for believers you know going to the capital city of place of significance that affects every area of our life. And then going to to to to the places in that city that really need prayer so we went to the supreme court and last year we had the largest prayer meeting in ever in american history in front of the supreme court over three thousand people showed up in the rain and it was significant because it was on the eve of amy coney baron getting confirm two supreme court and actually since that prayer meeting every single religious liberties case. It's been brought against the church has been overturned in the supreme court. So that's amazing. Were undefeated since our last prayer so we gathered there on sunday morning and then we went to the white house after the after that and prayed and worshipped at the white house. Eric you're with me together. There and then we moved to the lincoln memorial and we did a prayer meeting there and then we convene for the grand finale on the national mall so we really we hit all areas of dc. We just saturate the city. I mean you could see lettuce worship dear. You know shirts and everything was everywhere. And it's just something that we really like to do. We're going to go and take over the city for a day. Fill it with prayer. Fill it with worship shift the narrative of what people think about that

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