Why Won't GOP Leaders Condemn Gen. Milley?


Where is lindsey graham. Where is john kent. Where are these republican leaders who ought to be full-throated condemnation of gener- general milley. Here's the here's the tucker clip in context people with oversight seemed to be on his side this morning. Tom cotton. The republican senator from arkansas came on fox and friends to talk about mark milley. Here's part of that conversation. This book raises some serious concerns. That some of the allegations seem somewhat farfetched to me. But general secretary austin are going to be testifying in front of congress and just a few days and we'll address these concerns. Don't wanna jump conclusions yet. I know he will address it and will ensure that he addresses it but this is one of those claims. Obviously that seems a little farfetched idea that in american military general is going to warn adversary if an attack is coming as you say when donald trump was never even thinking about a military attack against china. The whole thing is pretty far fetched. We don't want to jump to conclusions yet. Really what conclusions at the time. That interview took place this morning in an already been. Conclusively establish that mark milley was pushing open. Racism on the united states military that he had bragged to fellow officers about resisting. The american president quote with guns and that he had told military officials that he not. The president controlled our country's nuclear arsenal. So much more evidence. Do you need exactly. And why does no one in washington consider this a crisis. The leadership of the pentagon some of them anyway consta- through the united states seems right to me. And frankly from where. I sit senator cotton and senator graham's milk toast response to. This crisis is pretty

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