Global Economy Projected to Show Fastest Growth in 50 Years

UN News


The world is on course to register the fastest growth in fifty years after the pandemic induced downturn. But only the wealthiest countries stand to benefit. Human economists said on wednesday a new report from the un trade and development body unctad maintained at this partial rebound happen because wealthy countries have spent their way out of trouble but this has not been possible for poorer nations whose economies have been hit much harder by cave nineteen down the two thousand and eight to nine financial crisis said unctad secretary general rebecca greenspan. We are seeing now extremely accommodative. Monetary policies in huge fiscal packages utilized by countries with currencies reserve status in the meantime developing regions who spending packages. Where but a fraction are already having to cut back. Some of their spending and increase their interest rate in reaction to the fears of increase inflation. In chris in debt ratios and the prospect of a new adverse cycle in financial markets. The young touchy highlighted that global economic growth was likely to be highly uneven and that next year it is likely to slow significantly with incomes trailing three point seven percent below pre pandemic levels

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