Matt Walsh Says Liberal's Single Standard Is Keeping Others Down


Know, Matt. I find your commentary to be incredibly insightful. I watch you on Fox. A lot, and a couple of weeks ago, you were on is probably Tucker. And there was that segment playing about Nancy Pelosi and the fundraiser she had remember everybody was unmasked, of course, because you know, that's what the Democrats do. And you said something that's been on my mind for a long time. I've used the example with the audience I've cited you. Of course I give you credit. You said no, no, This isn't a double standard that we wear masks and Pelosi and the elitists Don't it's a single standard. Basically, you plead, shut your pie holes, You know? Yeah, You work for us, Shut your mouth, and it's just a consistent standard, and I said, I got up mad and I cheered and I texted Jim right away, the producer said. Please get mad on the show. If he's willing to. That was a great point. Well, yeah, I mean, I think it's there is important point for us to understand it. You know, we like to accuse the left of having a double standard. Uh, I think just sort of an easy way of interpreting what they're doing, But it's exactly that there's a There's a certain consistency, not just with covid, but With their approach to everything you know they're they're special. They're kind of in a different category from the rest of us. And so they get we saw the same thing, of course. Couple nights ago at the Met gala, and everyone is talking about against the double standard. We've got all these celebrities and AOC and everyone in there walking around in their fancy designer dresses, and they're not wearing masks because that would ruin the outfit, and it wouldn't match the output and you've got the servants in the background. The servant class. Wearing matter. I think at one point I actually had some servants in masks carrying the trail of her down as you walk to your car. Yes. Um, yeah, I saw that. That's real being Jim Can't believe that. Yes, there actually, As if no one in her entourage, Matt realize, like, Hey, this really looks bad.

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