Why Your Friends Should Be One of Your Primary Growth Drivers


Your friend should be lifting you up. Not pushing you down. Your friend should be inspiring you to get better. Your friends should have your back but also be willing to challenge your face. You know what i'm saying like your friends are and should be one of your primary growth drivers in life. Most people choose ambitious goals to be their growth driver. Or i'm going do something. That's hard or i'm going to try to achieve this amazing thing. I'm trying to become a millionaire or make this difference or build this company or you know have this type of family and it's this external climb this thing they're trying to achieve and too many people forget it's like actually one of the best drivers of growth isn't your job isn't your goals. It's your friendship circle and your circles. Make you a more alive deeper. Caring thoughtful authentic person in the world. I'm telling you what guess what at work you're better at home. You're better your art. Gets better your sense of life lifts and so in studying this work deeply over the years and recognizing how many people are entrepreneurs high achievers people who are trying to make great impact in the world. You're here today and sometimes that journey can't feel very lonely or when you get to the top it can feel lonely. They say. And i'm like i kind of believe what my friend brian tracy and mentor said to me. One time he said if it's lonely at the top you did it wrong

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