Olympics: The Salt Lake City Buyout


In february two thousand and two athletes from seventy seven countries gathered in salt lake city. Utah for the nineteen. Th winter olympics during the opening ceremonies ice skaters carried flags honoring the previous eighteen host cities. The crowd applauded for locations. Like lake placid bjork seat. Maria switzerland oslo norway more but when the salt lake city flag entered the stadium. Spectators erupted into earthshaking cheers for many salt lake. City residents hosting the olympics was a lifelong dream. Thirty years in the making after decades of unsuccessful. Bids they'd finally earned the chance to host the winter games. City officials hoped this would catapult their city to global stardom turning it into a booming tourist destination as their flag triumphantly paraded through the crowd. It was not hard to be filled with a sense of hometown. Pride however. Tom welsh the man responsible for bringing the winter. Games to salt. Lake city was conspicuously absent. Instead of celebrating he was facing fifteen counts of fraud conspiracy and racketeering. The us government claimed welsh ranna sophisticated campaign of corruption spanning the globe. He'd spent hundreds of thousands of dollars bribing dozens of olympic officials just to bring the games to utah. It appeared that salt lake city didn't earn the olympics at all. They bought them.

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