A highlight from Deuteronomy in the Later Writings


Number eleven deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty. One daniel duda. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. We are continuing our study of deuteronomy. This is lesson. Eleven deuteronomy in the later writings. dr daniel duda is our moderator rita. Were offer our opening prayer. Father thank you that we are able to make him at this meeting which allows people from all over the world to meet together. This is one of the blessings if you like of the pandemic. We're grateful that you have held back at disaster until we have the technology to make like this not only ask that you will be with us as we open your would deuteronomy re ask especially they with daniel. Has he guides are sunny today. We know that you'll with this may ask hearts-and-minds minds men as i said in the introduction to the previous lesson this is the biblical quarter so the textual quarter but we have been butter flying through different parts of new. Turn on me the whole quarter so instead of taking half chapters each sabbath covering all. We have covered different topics. Now these lesson these ingenious attempt to have a look at how did the later generation grapple with the book of deuteronomy. If you take your study notes from the lesson in a statement of purpose is there in the sabbath afternoon as the last paragraph this week we will focus on how the because used by later writers so we look at autism and writers. What parts of jal did they use and what points where they making that carell events for us today. Not of course the proper question would be to ask that had relevance for them because finding the book of the law in the temple might not have that terrell allowance for us today. Although we can certainly learn some lessons from that of course the quarterly will draw the listen. What things might. We need to purge thoroughly from our times in our midst in our day. But probably that's not the best question to ask or if you ask that question to you are going to get certain types of answers now. What might surprise. You is under number two. Do you turn to me is perhaps the most influential book of the system and for the rest of the biblical story. It was incredibly important more than any other book of the bible. So while genesis twelve connects the story of abraham with the story of creation and shows. That good is going to bless him with posterity. And that's what the fall influenza that childbirth is in pain and every women in the book of genesis has hard time to conceal on how many people have been surprised that their lives did not follow the story of genesis and when being born out of wedlock was still a big coup. Moral problem. people said oh. But we've been together only once you have been reading the book of genesis too much because all we have a hard time to conceive but it's not always like that in real life so the posterity the land and the relationship so the book of numbers and joshua will deal with the land and the division of it and the book of leviticus will deal with relationship with god out. Do you build that around the sanctuary. But the book of deuteronomy will deal with how god is going to deal with this promise of the land. And how'd you live in. That land wants. Moses is not around so the result is that in the book of deuteronomy chapter twenty seven and twenty eight and chapter twenty eight is the blessings and the curses and the rest of autism in history from joshua to kings is going to be evaluated from the perspective of deuteronomy twenty eight. So if they did what was their commended. They are going to describe the blessings that came to them and if they did what was wrong. In the eyes of the lord that historians are going to describe the kersee's the bad things that happen to them so much so that the old testament history is called digiorno make history so all is evaluated in the light of deuteronomy twenty eight similarly the book dromey will have impact Israel and judah prophets especially jeremiah and isaiah. So we will have look at five examples on the autism and writers that the lesson ulcer chose for us of course it'd be interesting to see other parallels where trump is used. And if you had the list which can be provided. Are these five that you would choose or would you choose some other when you consider. How did people struggle with making that book. Relevant applicable to their lives at lisa annual. I just wanted to clarify. Is that statement that deuteronomy has had perhaps more influence on the rest of the biblical story so forth. Is that your statement or is that the sabbath school lessons statement. Everything that he's under two on my words like okay. So i don't know that. Seems astonishing to me. Not being a scholar of the old testament. That is really true. But you're saying it is right astonishing. Wilson's that it had more influence on the rest of the biblical story than any other book of the bible. You but what is this punishing surprising for you in. That had the kind of impact that that statement is making course. I'm not an old testament scholar or even a new testament. Scholar just seemed a statement that surprise me. Let's just say. Do you remember the first time you read the bible. You remember the first time. Read the book of judges and the wishful thinking that all this happened in good old days when there was no king in israel and what things. Israel is commended for winch. Things frowned upon. Do you remember the first time you read the book of kings and learning about the new king and waiting and routing off find lift finally a king then and hated all the bad thing and he did bad things et cetera in the eyes of the lord. Now how do you know that. They are bad things because it's all evaluated by the book of journal. So if they did. What do autonomic commands than did the right thing if they did against what you turn on me says or is. They did to me forbids than

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