Exploring AI With Kai-Fu Lee


All right everyone. I am here with kaifu. Lee chi food is chairman and ceo of innovation ventures the former president of google china and author of the new york times bestseller superpowers. And we're here to talk about his new book which will be released next week. A twenty forty one kaifu. Welcome to the tuomo. Ai podcast thank you thank them. It is great to have an opportunity to speak with you. I'm looking forward to digging in and talking more about the book before we do though i'd love to have you share a little bit about your background and how you came to work in the field of ai. Sure i started With my excitement in back in nineteen seventy nine. When i started my undergraduate at columbia i worked on language and vision at columbia and then i went to carnegie mellon for my team at which develops the first speaker independent speech. Recognition system based on machine learning actually Some the earlier thesis in machine learning in nineteen aba. I also developed a computer program that the world's fellow champion is all in the eighties. Very early years after mike graduation from Cmu i talked there for two years than i joined apple and led a a lot of apples. Ai speech natural language and media efforts later joined sgi and then microsoft where i started microsoft research asia in beijing in nineteen ninety eight which kind of became one of the best. Tom research labs in asia. Later i joined google and ran google china for four years between two thousand and five in two thousand nine. We did do a little bit for how they i mostly was Really developing google's presence in china in two thousand nine. I left google and started my venture capital firm assign ovation ventures and at san ovation ventures we invest in the bow for the ai companies. We were about the earliest and probably invested in the most companies we invested in about seven unicorns in ai alone and with a few more Yet to come so they're excited to be in the era i it's Was not so hot during much of my career. But glad scooby with the catch. The recent wave and participate in it.

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