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Life together. The itch to travel got the better of them, and they started planning a boat trip on a small yacht called the Snark. After some delays in 19 Oh, seven, they finally set sail on the snark. This is when Charmian began logging their journey through all their trips. They were being followed by reporters and stories were being written about their adventures. They did all kinds of crazy adventures on the stark, including when they're in Hawaii. They both learned how to surf. And what's notable is how Jack would record these these adventures and his writing about the trip called the crews of the Snark as if he were the only one doing these things in reality. Charming is also there surfing on a £75 wooden surfboard with him in in Waikiki, but it's sold more coffees to have just Jack London, do it. And so that's why he Recorded it that way. And you see that throughout their adventures, So they travel from Hawaii to the Marcussen Islands to Tahiti and then on Saboura Bora and beyond the Solomon Islands, they and they plan to continue on. But while they're on this adventure jackets sick They both develop Yaz, which is a disease that you get in the South seas where you get these wounds on your arms that are big as as baseball's. Jack became very, very ill, and so they had to leave the Solomon

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