NASA Has Completed Work on the James Webb Space Telescope


Do we have left? We got about a minute. Okay. James Webb Telescope has passed its final checks The Hubble replacement, the Hubble replacement, and it's going to soon be shipped through the Panama Canal down to Karura. I'd like you wanna Karoo. Excuse me is it's huge, Is it? Is it fillets? Massive. Oh, I haven't seen it with the mirrors unfurled. I've seen it with the mirrors folded up, but it is Massive. It's going to have a about a 21 Ft Wide Mirror, which is three times almost three times the diameter of the Hubble. And it will be working in infrared, so you can see much further because it can see through Hubble's mostly visible and ultraviolet wavelengths. So an infrared you can see past all the dust and the junk that's out in the deeper parts of the universe. And really start looking back at the very edge of the beginning of time, which is very promising, and it's gonna be parked what they call Earth Sun l two or the Grange to which is a stable point out beyond, uh, Earth's orbit, so it'll be in the Earth's shadow all the time. So between that and the natural cooling, it's got and the artificial quickly and Scott's got sunshades that could pop up hopefully Um, you'll be able to start really answering some of these very basic questions about the beginning of the universe. So exciting, so exciting.

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