Billy Graham's Daughter Ruth Speaks About the Epidemic of Loneliness in America


Interesting first of all when you say generation z. I'm not sure what that means. Anymore tha roughly what age i talking about. Nineteen ninety five to two thousand fifteen. The twenty five year olds twenty twenty. Somethings on on okay. And do you think ruth they they think of themselves as lonely because you're right. It seems counter intuitive For any young person to be lonely. That's when you're in school that's when you're doing all kinds of things. Why do you suppose they think of themselves as lonely well. They are so connected technology with technology digitally but they have no real heart connections in. That's the problem. The grandson. We'll tell you you know. We have lots of connections but no real relationships. And i think that's the thing that's missing his relationship. I think it needs to be said over and over but this is a good place to start. There's something inherently one dimensional or at least shallow about social media. You're really communicating with much depth. And you've just said it the connection it. It's really a tenuous connection. It's tremendously superficial. It's almost designed to be superficial. But i've never really thought about how if you get a lot of that eventually. It would be almost painful. Because you'd be you'd be even longing for some real connection more than somebody who's not getting any of that kind of connection well and raza and found out through the pandemic that they had more phone calls than even on mother's day because people wanted to hear a voice. Singing texts wasn't enough. They needed to hear voice. They needed to hear the tone in the voice and so people began coal and people. Not just texting.

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