A highlight from Walk it Off: Resilience and Risk-Taking with Cate Luzio of Luminary


Hey everyone. Welcome to superwoman. I am so excited to have someone. I call a friend up here and someone who's just a bad fuck and asks who i love watching kate. Lucy oh the founder of luminary which is an incredible not only. Is it a physical space where you can go and work meet. People be inspired here. Incredible women speak but also a digital space that she's created and We're gonna get in her story. So welcome banksia records. Great to be here. Yeah so can you do a little bit of bragging about your career prior to luminary sure. That's the easy part So i i spent almost twenty years in corporate investment banking. My last couple of jobs i ran for. Hsbc i ran a global business called multinational corporate banking. So i had you know two billion dollar piano. Two thousand employees seventy two countries which was an incredible couple of years and before that i was recruited at hsbc from jp morgan. Before that i ran a similar business across europe middle east and africa is based in for many years Where i had people all over europe middle east and africa rannveig billion dollars business and so my whole career really banking. I started intact for a couple of years. Recruiting baking was client facing building businesses. I was in my element. I thrived in the corporate environment and on the side of my desk. I was really a passionate about and proud of the fact that i led a lot of our women's efforts so you know i feel like i had a great run in financial services and i didn't leave it because i was miserable i'd elected or i took a break from it because you never say never because i wanted to do something with different kind of impact but continue to be working with big companies like i was for twenty years so you have a successful corporate career. And you you decide okay. I'm gonna leave this cushy. When i say cushy likes and say let's just say that up to go launch something in uncharted territory and self funded so talk me through that mindset. Because i think a lot of women a are scared to do that and then be you think they have to go to abc and raise a bunch of money. And you know or think. That's the only way that they can start something. So take me through that incredibly scary or not. Maybe that wasn't scary. Part for you time. No it was very part. So i made the decision that actor a very long conversation over drinks with one of my mentors. He questioned me on. Just the this is what you wanna do for the rest of your life and honest thing in in twenty two years of corporate. No one ever asked me that and so when he challenged me around. Is that what i wanna do. I didn't really have an answer a few weeks later. I decided that. I was gonna take a break not necessarily take a break from a career but that i had a great reputation i had results had terrific resume but i wanted to see what else was out there and i was talking to a lot of my clients about going to work for that in the midst of all that i never planned on opening a company in fact when i wrote the business plan and march of two thousand eighteen. If you would ask me in february if i was going to go run my own company or build a company. I would have laughed in your face. That was just not for me. What i thought was in the realm of possibilities and factory. Remember saying to my boyfriend. I don't have any good ideas. How how would. I run a company. Yes so. I really didn't think that i was gonna go launch my own company but at the time i was looking around this landscape of women and seeing just women not being able to come together and and and learn from each other at inspire each other and at the same time invest in their skills and i wrote this business plan. Didn't know that that's what i was doing in two weeks later. I kinda got out on my pajamas. Like i think i have something here a week later. I wrote my financial projections. I was like okay. I can do this on my own and for me. Rebecca was once. Make a decision to do something. I'm all in like i am not aside hustler. I give so much credit to anyone. That can do that. But i am like i got to be all in and so i called of all the recruiters and people that i was talking to said. I'm out like i'm gonna go run start my own company and it was scary but at the time we weren't open yet right so you're in that phase you're kind of building so it was really exciting in the adrenaline rush. It wasn't really until. I think we opened our physical doors in early. Two thousand nineteen that the that scariness that here. crept in but at the same time you know i had taken risks my whole career. I wasn't raised as i didn't have the skills to be a banker. I didn't have a finance background. And i did that. I didn't a. I lived in five different countries that those were all risks that i choked. I'm working three of the largest banks in the world. So i knew i was a risk taker. I didn't know that was going to be this big of a risk when i decided to do it. And then once you sort of rip that band it off. You're like oh shit i'm in it. I've got to perform so did you give yourself I'm gonna do this until x. Happened and then i'll know if i can continue. Or here's i have enough runway to last me x. amount of time and if it doesn't go by then i'm out or you're just like fuck it. I'm going to graded it out. And i'm just gonna. This is going to become something. I think i was a little bit at first. Here's my runway. This is what. I wanna do right so banker in me kind of figuring out what that looks like in that for me was very important. I had my business plan might northstar. I knew what i was going to do. I think that that sort of grit that bucket attitude kinda came when i when people started to come into the space and i started seeing the real impact that we were having and being able to work with partners like you in the email founder collective and others. I was like this is something if it was crickets when we launched. I would've had to figure out how to adapt very quickly. And lo and behold fourteen months later. We had to do that. But i am. Not the kind of person. Also that believes in failure. I don't think you fail unless you give up and for me. I just wasn't going to give up on this business because there was no longer an idea. It was a real business. And you know i haven't amazing network around me my network from my former life and my network now that you know women founders and others that are part of that you have to lean on those that were every time and ask for what you need like you say not. Just ask for help in so that grit was is not. It's not was that grid. Is there every single day. Yep i've never seen you not hustling in it's detroit. It's no it's a true example like we always have to hustle. And i think i feel bad for people when they're like. I hustled for six months. It was too hard or i hassled for a year and ads. And i'm like a get ready to hustle for the rest of your life so rebecca. I didn't you so that's a great point because i was a hustler in corporate america right. I mean i was getting every deal. I was building the I was a hustler and people will say now. Even though you're doing it for yourself you'd be

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