Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn: Biden Is Mandating Vaccines to Cover up His Mess in Afghanistan


You agree with. I mean you're a legal person. You're you're qualified fancy georgetown lawyer. You're not just a political maven. Yesterday has to be one of the worst infringements of our civil rights since habeas corpus was suspended. No absolutely shocking absolutely unacceptable. It is it. Is it honestly something that is beyond the pale to degree which is is is tough to comprehend. Except for the fact that we've got a guy in the oval office who is so out of touch. Who's so fat close. Who is so pathetic to these two in his. He's doing it to cover up for the people he had killed and afghanistan. That is what joe biden is doing. And there's absolutely disgusting. This government overreach is unacceptable. It's got no place. It is sad. It's disjointed but this is today's democrats are that is why i've been saying this to you. Even before last year's election the democrats are becoming the marginal party because they pushed through ideas. Like this tony voucher with his sycophant of of of joe biden is also sad. Of course we always knew. There's just a lib who's set on making sure that the american people lose their livelihoods lose their jobs which he's the one that needs to be fired for lying blatantly lying to the american public about about funding gain of function research in china. We now know that for a fact. How would you still has javed's shocking heist allowed to go on tv shocking but the but the over arching takeaway from this action if even if you could call it an accent from this criminality. Our different joe biden is that he doesn't understand the constitution. Here's an interesting. The american america white actually qualifies off. It is the handlers of joe biden. Who don't understand the constitution the american way and they've got it all wrong in the american people will not back down. They're not going accept

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