Sex Researcher Justin Lehmiller: Americans Got Kinkier During the Pandemic

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This pandemic has been an interesting. I'm going to be a sex researcher. And i've been busier than ever and conducting the most research and actually i think published the most of my entire career over the last year and a half really in the beginning. My career totally changed. Because i had all of these speaking gigs lined up. I was gonna be traveling. The world i think it was going to be in seven different countries last summer in so oldest found myself with a lot of time on my hands and i was talking to some by colleagues at the kinsey institute. And we were seeing all these media headlines about you know what was going to be happening to a sex. Lots of big bold predictions and so we thought is is any of that actually gonna shake out so we wanted to actually collect the data to test whether what we were seeing in the media was actually coming to wish you know that kind of gave us the inspiration and all had more time on her hands and needed something to focus on so he turned to sexy search. And i remember yes justin's doing this. What did we learn about this with the hot vac summer. What's up now. So that's a great question you know last year. There were lots of predictions about. Oh well when this pandemic cabins and people are locked down. They're going to have more sex masturbate more than ever. Because everyone's just going to be bored horny and it turned out last year. That didn't really turn out to be the case you know there. There's no baby boom. There's no evidence that you know people really having a lot of sex. So that's what we found last year in the research. We did at the kinsey institute. Although we did find that people were being more sexually Mental about one in five people last year said they tried something new in the bedroom so we recently conducted a new. Study to see what things look like this summer because everyone was talking about the hot back summer. So the kinsey institute partnered with love honey to do this survey of what what is happening right now in our sex lives and relationships and one of the really interesting things we found was that there was an even greater trend toward sexual experimentation so americans have become kinky are we actually found that a majority of americans fifty one fifty two percent so they tried something new in bed since the pandemic began and also that a majority of americans said that their sexual interests had shifted in some way. And if those who reported a shift three quarters of them said that they became kinky so you know instead of the hardback summer. We're thinking of this as the hut kinks

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