Ramstein Air Base in Germany Becomes a Refuge for Afghans

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There is still a significant number of people in afghanistan who are still trying to leave the country after the us pull out and for afghans who have already left some are in limbo at the us. Air base in ramstein germany. Waiting to fly here to the united states. Npr's rob schmitz reports this hanger. Which can snugly fit. Some of the largest planes in the world was not meant to house people that it is. Today it's nine story. Tall ceiling looms above a series of rectangular enclosures constructed of ten foot tall wire fencing separating groups of afghans dressed in colorful robes tunics. Were allowed to leave these massive cages when it is time for their flight to america a woman in a black hejab cradles her newborn wrapped tightly in a linen cloth on hangers cold floor. The infants name is mustafa. His short life has been hectic two weeks ago. He was born in a village outside. Kabul the next day is family whisked him to the frenzy gates of the kabul airport where they slept outside for four days packed among throngs of others desperate to flee the taliban when he was five days old little mustafa was rushed through the gates and carried onto an aircraft ending. Up here at ramstein air bags now. He's waiting for a flight that in a few hours. We'll take him to his new home. America i plan to build a life for my son and his siblings. In america says mustafa's mother walk. Meena will only gives her first name for fear of reprisals by the taliban on family back home my husband worked with the afghan army and we were in too much dangerous day in afghanistan. There are nearly fifteen thousand others here left for the same

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