How Do You 'Normalize' Relations With the Taliban?!


Everything. I hear coming out of this white house. The state department is attempt to normalize the taliban and we also have talked about everything else. But but jim kalki normalize relations with the taliban. Here's the problem with trying to do that. Is is what you're doing is empowering and legitimizing them and what that will do is speed the the degree to which they will become a threat their relationship with al qaeda and the network and as you know the connie were were the people that originally insisted that the taliban invite bin laden to come to afghanistan they they span afghanistan and pakistan. They have a relationship with pakistani intelligence services these are or religious zealots and the taliban may not have the perfect relationship with it but they can't give them up explain why al qaeda and connie have to go back to afghanistan have to reconstitute their basis. Why is the twentieth anniversary. September the eleventh so important. What is there that goal right now and this gets to the key point. Why the administration's course of action is so incredibly dangerous that it is it is it is actually the beginning of the most dangerous phase of this crisis not the end of the crisis but the start of the really big scary crisis because once alka and they've already done this the day they touch back on afghan soil. They have one thing in mind only one thing they have to do. They have to have another nine eleven. They have to do it. And it has to be planned out about ghanistan. It's not like oh. We learned our lesson. Stick to terrorism or other places. The americans won't bother us again because honor is power and they have to regain their honor and they have to regain their respect and they have to fill the historic mission that the global jihad is alive and well and the way they do. That is twenty years after nine. Eleven they strike america in its heart again and they kill as many more. That is the gory that cannot be resisted. They have to do

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