Fighting Continues in Panjshir Valley as Anti-Taliban Resistance Vows to Hold Out


The taliban have declared victory. In the eastern provinces of punchier the part of afghanistan to fall under their control the group posted of their pfizer raising their flag in the territory however the region's resistance groups maintain. They haven't been defeated. Let's get the latest now with surgeon. Gazelle a visiting teacher at the london school of economics. Welcome to the program. So is john. Do you think the war is really over now homeless. Do we actually know about what's been happening in punchier. Well the war has perhaps An ended in the sense that the taliban have declared victory across afghanistan but there will be another conflict internally where you will see pockets of resistance across the ghanistan against taliban role and that is something that will likely last for years come because there is resistance towards the taliban at the moment it is not significant enough to concern them but it is something that is noticeable and it is getting a support across many of the urban centers of the country. And what about in in pens year. The region's resistance groups. They claim that they are still fighting. Well the resistance in punchier. Is that now off. A insurgency ironically similar to how the taliban used to be previously the punchier valley is a geographically very difficult place to control. It's god valleys and ridges and no one had previously been able to take control of it. Not even the soviets during the occupation of aghanistan in the nineteen eighties. So the fact that the taliban claiming victory and they've been able to hoist their flag in the capital of punchier is significant but they don't entirely controlled into the whole region off the punt share valley. There are still some pockets of resistance.

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