Mike and Fox's Jesse Watters Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane


Guy for a long time back to fox news channel days which feels like about two lifetimes ago and i took umbrage at the daily beast claiming jesse waters has the most punishable face in america. Now that that was an outrage. Until i've seen jesse now that face on tv every morning noon and night on fox news for the last couple of weeks. I've never seen anybody on. Tv more than you are these days my friend i only found. She is on tv where than jetty waters. He might be a little funnier than you. And you're a funny guy. Got a lot to catch up on in fact jesse. Let's start here of course fox news channel host. He hosts waters world every saturday night at eight. Pm he's one of the co host of the five and his new book is called. How i saved the world reading about. The book is so funny. I can't wait to read the book because the description is hysterical. Somebody asked me yesterday about the years that i spent as a fox news channel contributor and i said you know after doing it i just i don't want i didn't wanna do tv anymore. It's a weird thing. I'm that i'm like greg. Gut fells unicorn one of those rare breeds. That doesn't want to be on tv yet. You know talk about what that feels like because you know what it's like people there are people around us. Maybe you. you'd run over your own beloved mother to get a few minutes of airtime on on the boob tube. You know what i mean for your audience. Who doesn't realize i was a production assistant and i would call mike gallagher and catch them on the cell. The book for the factor. I would get a gallagher of car service and call the studio so mike gallagher could have makeup and get mike gallagher onto the studio in time so he can talk to the

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