A Year on From a Stolen Election, Alexander Lukashenko Remains in Power


In august twenty twenty protesters took to the streets in belarus following a presidential election. There that almost no one trusted but more than a year after that the man often referred to as europe's last dictator alexander lukashenko remains in power and opposition leaders fed lonard seek sky is still in exile in lithuania with top officials in her political party sentenced to prison just yesterday. Even though observers say seeking of sky was the rightful winner of that election. So where do things stand now. And how are christians faring. World's european correspondent jenny lynn schmidt reports in the years since protests filled. The streets of many belarussians watched in dismay as the nation's troubles faded from the international spotlight. That changed in may when alexander lukashenko forced a flight from greece to lithuania to land in belarus authorities boarded. The plane arrested opposition journalist. Remind pro to save sage and his girlfriend sofia so paige and threw them in jail. The european union and the united states quickly imposed sanctions lukashenko retaliated by releasing migrants across the border into the eu. Hannah luebbe cova is a journalist from minsk and a fellow with the atlantic council. The regime came up with this idea to bring migrants from iraq or other countries to belarus. And then help them to cross the border authorities. Lithuanian poland have reported seeing belarussian guards. Forcefully push migrants into their countries last week. Poland declared a state of emergency for two provinces as more than thirty. Two hundred migrants tried to cross from belarus illegally. Well of course it was revenge from look. Shane pick you wanted to. This is the situation. You wanted to artificially create a crisis on the border with boroughs. But luke says that means western sanctions are working. Lukashenko's recent release. A few political prisoners is another sign. Baluba cova says the sanctions have loopholes. That be closed

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