The Story of Colonia Dignidad, Chile's Secret Nazi Cult


To avoid being arrested by authorities schaefer accompanied by a few of his followers fled west germany in nineteen sixty one and sought refuge in the middle east there. He was introduced to prominent chilean embassador. Who invited him to live. In chile at the time chile was under president. George alexandria whose administration granted shaffer a farm located a few kilometers outside the city of peril and chilies linear Liniers province sure. We'll go with the government's help. He bought a forty four hundred acre ranch located at the foot holes of the andy mountains and established a religious. Commune called collina dignidad which translates to dignity. Colin and we will soon see that it was anything but dignity sounds sounds like it's going to be on the up and up. Yes that's one way to put. Founded on william m bronze teaching colonia dignidad espoused principles like anti-communism and strict adherence to the bible given schafer's passed as a member of the hitler youth and an officer of the let. Oh god left quaff left while you got this one again lutwa. Thank you for help. Every every time on that one as religious commun- was also heavily influenced by nazism of course colonia dignified began with surprise. The nazi has influence colonia dignidad began with ten of schafer's original followers. But as the years passed its members swelled. This was field. By waves of immigrants from germany who were enticed by the communist way of living which involves sustainable. Agriculture practices and numerous charity works for the local population. However what they found upon arriving in chile was something else entirely.

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