The Theory Of Relativity in Consumer Decisions


All know about uncle. L. e. equals m. c. squared. But that's not the relativity calculation that i'm talking about what i'm talking about is a calculation that we pretty much all make before we make a purchase certainly before we make a non essential purchase and it goes a little something like this. Let's say i'm at the pub. And the price of a state is four dollars more than the price of a boo coincidentally. The price of a beer is also four dollars so now the relativity calculation. I need to make ease. Do i have a stake and one beer or do i have a burger and to bees. Pretty easy decision. Or let's say you booking a flight and the price of an upgrade to business class is two thousand dollars now you could use that two thousand dollars when you get to the other end to have two nights in the suite at a fancy swanky hotel in town so the relativity discussion and calculation. You need to have is. What's the relative value. Is that gonna give me more value at the other end or am i better off spending the two thousand now to sit in a slightly bigger box and maybe have metal cutlery. Instead of plastic utensils on the plane these are the sorts of calculations that you will consume as a making whenever. They're buying something especially when it is non essential so you need to be aware of that when you have both setting your pricing and also sending your marketing you need to make sure that you are conveying the values and the benefits of your product. Because you know damn well that they are making a calculation relativity calculation of what else they could be doing with their money so when you think about the theory of relativity you've got uncle. Albert's theory equals mc squared uncle trance theory. It's all about how many bees you can have with your steak

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