It's Time to Reconnect With Your Early Year Business Goals


A little bug. I want to put in your ear. want you to be thinking about the last ninety days of this year and i want you to ask yourself when you sat down and wrote out your goals january one this year. Are you where you wanted to be at this point this year and i want you to get honest with yourself of why you think that is and maybe what store you might be telling yourself of why you haven't either gone as far as you thought you would or you haven't hit your goals or may maybe why started to negotiate on your goals. But you know the last ninety days of the year. It's the last quarter of the year and it truly is a really critical time breda dig in create a lot of consistency and create your sustainable business habits now because the work you do now is going to position you for the fruit that you're going to see the first of the year because that's a lot of people you know. They have some christmas money. They're ready to buy of you know if you're in the wellness wellness industry. That's when a lot of people are ready to recommit to their health goals. The new year is a really big time of year for this industry. So i really want to encourage you to be thinking about that now and how you need to be serving and adding value to your audience. Because like i said the work you put it now is going to help. Create the results for the first of the

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