A Close Call With A Neighbor


This hometown. The subject line is close. Call with a neighbor hi fam. I've tried to write this story down concisely multiple times but there's so much crazy shit that went on that it's hard to keep it short. Here's my best shot. All we ask right. Destroy your best. Try your best. I lived in an apartment building in downtown columbus. Ohio when i was twenty three one night at three am. I was woken by the sound of someone trying to turn my luck and open my apartment door. I was scared. But i figured it was just someone drunk or lost a yelled through the door. Hey this isn't your apartment to which the man through the door responded. I know and continued trying to turn the luck. I started panicking. And i yelled back. If you don't leave. i'm calling the police. He then started slamming his body into my doors heart as possible making my entire front hallway. Shake my god. I called nine one one and luckily the police arrived in time to remove him from my door just before he could break it down. They told me he lived in the apartment below mine and he was just drunk and had gotten confused. I told the police that i had very clearly told him that he was in the wrong place and that he was being excessively aggressive but they laughed it off. Well my little murdering oh heart was still very paranoid so i changed my log but extra protection and started doing some research. I found his name on the box in the mail room that was addressed to the apartment below mine and i googled him. I found horrible personal blog where he ranted about a lot of bullshit but particularly his hatred of women and how he had an extensive gun collection. I also learned that he was a two hundred and twenty pound ex-marine in peak physical fitness. Mike there were so many red flags that i immediately alerted the apartment management group to his behavior online and off and petitioned to break my lease they then inform me other women in the building had filed harassment complaints against him but the apartment manager had talked to him and assured me he was quote. A sweet guy who is just going through a rough pat. That was enough for me. I moved out. However before i moved. They put the unit on the market. And they were doing some showings one day. I opened the door for a showing and in all caps and bold. The guy who tried to break in is standing

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