Federal Aid Saved Families During the Pandemic


The money and other resources. The federal government brought to bear to keep people afloat during pandemic was in essence of vast anti-poverty program. We'll get a sense later. Today of how well the pandemic relief worked. When the us census releases twenty twenty data on poverty other indicators show the programs kept hunger at bay in many households and democrats are pushing to extend some of those programs which do have costs. Marketplace's amanda teacher has more the government provided billions of dollars in pandemic aid. Emergency unemployment benefits stimulus checks and increase supplemental nutrition assistance benefits or food stamps. Without all that care about dairy from. I focus on children's says things would have been much worse while dairy points to the advanced child tax credit deposits up to three hundred dollars a month per kid. They put cash directly in the hands of families cash. That's been going toward things like groceries or rent. Democrats want to continue the child tax benefit the treasury department says it would cost taxpayers about one hundred ten billion dollars a year. Eric york is with the tax foundation. It becomes just very expensive to make it permanent. She says that may be why. Lawmakers are only proposing to extend it through twenty twenty-five according to columbia university social policy center child poverty dropped by more than forty percent after the first child tax deposit in july. I'm amanda feature for

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