A highlight from Happy Hour #423: Mike Cosper


That event. Like i said in austin texas at the end of september. it's very limited seating. We are going to be very cautious with cova covert. And so we would love to have you there. I have two guests. That are joining me. Gene holiday jessica honda or going to co host this with me and we're going to bring you some amazing companies organizations that we believe are worth you spending your money on this holiday season. You guys. today's guests on my show is mike cau- spor- and if you have been listening to the rise and fall of mars hill podcasts. At christianity today puts out. You are familiar with. Mike cost per because he is the host and the creator and the editor. And all of the things at this podcast. And i will say. I been intrigued with his show for very long. I think mike stewart phenomenal job with it is today. We sit down and talk with him about what it's been like to create the rise and fall of mars. Hill the podcast. He hosts hosted christianity. Today one thing that i want you to know is that the story of mars hill is about so much more than just one person in one church but rather it encourages us to examine what we're really after an church. What we care about and who were giving praise to. I'm really thankful for this conversation today. With mike and what his team is creating by sharing stories that we think really matter and they're doing that over there at the rise and fall of mars. Hell if you haven't listened to it. Go find it wherever you listen to podcasts. And i want to ask you a favor. You guys when you listen to this show. You can do it now but listen through the whole show. We would love it if you would rate and review the podcasts. Wherever you listen to podcasts. If you're listening on apple podcasts go give us a rating you we love it but we also love if you listen on another platform a lot of podcasters have been talking about how apple podcast hasn't really been giving us all the downloads that we're having and that's a lot of behind the scenes information. That is who cares. You don't care about. But i have switched my podcast. Listening to an app called overcast. You can also listen to the happier jamie. Iv on spotify on google podcast overcast. Which is where i listen to. You can go to pod beam. What i'm saying is there's a lot of places that you can listen to podcasts. And it helps if we spread the love around. They are but i would love it wherever you listen if you would rate and review the podcast because it really helps people find the show all right. Here's my conversation with my casper mike. Welcome to the happy hour for me. This is so exciting to have you here introduce yourself to all the my listeners. So i'm the director podcasts. At christianity today been on staff there for about eighteen months and prior to that. It's been a few years producing podcasts. For a bunch of churches nonprofits individuals. That kind of thing. And prior to that. I was a pastor for fifteen years at a church called sojourn in louisville awesome. What do you have about. Podcast eat so much. I have my own opinions. But i just love it. What do you love about it. yeah you know. I grew up like a radio family so early. Memories in my house garrison keeler was always on listening to this american life when it first came on so i've just always loved narrative storytelling a so i was drawn to the john as soon as it kind of came out. But i think there's something interesting. There's something immersive about podcasting. This just really unique. You get kind of lost. Somebody else's had for a little while and i love that and i think it's a unique storytelling format to where you get to play with the writing. You get to play with the narrative specific ways. We could play with words in a way that you know with visual media isn't quite the same thing i agree with everything you're saying and you know my podcasting. Let's way different than your podcasting. I like to interview people. And so that's what. I'm doing here on my show but i remember about maybe a year and a half. Maybe after i started this show is when cereal came out over the podcast. And i always say that. That is what i found so my friends actually started listening to podcasts. Because i like you had been listening to this american life. I mean we have to download on our little ipod. You know we'd go on a trip unless you know we miss a sermon or so that we can download it and then cereal came out and i thought and then apple put the podcast app on the new system and i like okay here we go and i think that's one podcasting just took off and i'm thankful for it. Yeah for sure. I mean cereal was the thing that kind of blew it open and but it's funny too. I mean you know. Rogan is still the biggest podcast ever. He was one of the first guys. Yeah he was making podcast. I remember reading an article. Where he was talking about it and early days he'd get on an airplane and ended up sitting next to somebody interesting. He just pull out a his phone record. Conversation on the phone on the airplane and that was a podcast. You know and it's like there was something sort of like the wild west about it back then in some ways it still is the wild west but it's interesting to watch a medium come from nothing. It's the only one in our lifetime that really functions that way i was talking to someone years ago. Well not i was talking to someone and we made a schmidt a point. This is jamie when you were in college. Which i'm forty three. She's like when you were in college. What you do for a living it did not even exist and so i tell my kids often. I'm like listen. You have dreams of what you're gonna do but there are things that you'll end up doing that do not. Even they haven't even been entertained by someone's brain right now and isn't that crazy. It's like programming self driving car like who would have thought of that. Twenty years ago. That i'm getting in one anytime soon. But you know that there's that well you are in the storytelling world podcast right now. And you have created a podcast called the rise and fall of marcell with crucial today where you have created it and your producer. You're doing everything on it aren't you. I mean you're the man behind the curtain on this show. And i i heard about my jackie texas to me and now i just listen every week and think well first of all my jaw is usually open and then i'm like oh my gosh i have to talk about this with someone so i have tons of questions about this podcast but i want to. I you just set it up for audience and tell what is this. Show that you're creating mars hill. Seattle church was planted in nineteen ninety-six and existed for eighteen years and there was this sort of meteoric rise by two thousand seven mark.

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