Biden Visits All Three Attack Sites on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

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Been a day of remembrance as the nation and the world mark the twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks in their wake nearly three thousand dead on that day many more related illnesses and deaths in the months and years that followed at adjust ended twenty year war with all its associated national divisions and challenges. Npr's amy held reports for the twentieth year families remembered loved ones lost alongside countless moments in your city. My brother tj hargrave who. We continue to miss an love every day. The world is the lesser place without him in shanksville pennsylvania. My cousin debbie jacobs welsh and at the pentagon defense secretary lloyd austin guardians of our ideals as well as our security because we cannot have one without the other president biden visiting all three sites of the attacks. That's burke. The warriors recently seem to an end in afghanistan where the taliban who gave shelter to the terrorists rule. Again amy held. Npr news president biden and president harris concluded their day with a wreath links ceremony at the pentagon where one hundred eighty four people were killed. Many more injured twenty years ago. The president also visited new york city and shanksville today to honor the nine eleven victims. He told reporters at the memorial for victims of flight. Ninety three moreover ruin. they're also incredibly difficult. People were affected is a breeze back. You got the phone. Call the president plans to spend the rest of the weekend in wilmington

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