Mark Levin Reacts to January 6th Hearings in the Last Hour


I listened to some of this hearing. I didn't watch it live. But I listened to some it literally in the last hour or so. And, um Tremendous amount of drama. Lot of graphics. Adam Kinzinger was crying lose, Cheney said. Sometimes you have to pick country over party. Ladies and Joe, this is this is really, uh Too bad, quite the spectacle. That this committee is loaded up the way it is. If Adam Schiff on this committee Who led an insurrection against the Trump administration. You have this guy Raskin from Maryland on this committee. Push for impeachment twice. Then you have Cheney has always hated Trump her father's always hated Trump. The Bushes have always hated Trump. And then of course you have King Singer. Who lied to the people in his district when he ran as a tea party candidate, flipped into Rhino land and has always hated Trump. Didn't vote for Trump. Now we had some police officers giving testimony. I don't condemn them. But we only had certain police officers giving testimony. You don't have police officers giving testimony so far, who let People into the Capitol building. Maybe maybe they will be questioned. You don't have FBI officials being brought into this hearing. Maybe there will in the future. Explaining why they failed to provide information to the police officers when they had it 48 hours earlier. You don't have any answers right now. Why Nancy Pelosi and nobody in leadership. Accepted Donald Trump's offer of 10,000 National Guardsmen.

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