Playing Jazz With Charlie Watts, on Nights off From the Rolling Stones


The rolling stones have often been described as the greatest rock and roll band in the history of rock and roll. We're talking over years about mick jagger. Brian jones keith. Richards bill wyman mick taylor and ronnie wood and the drummer charlie watts who was described in a recent new york times headline as the serene drummer who kept the stones rolling. That times article went on to say that while mr richards guitar. Riff defined the band's most famous single satisfaction. Mr watts drum pattern was just as essential. And that he charlie watts was quote relentless on painted black and supple on ruby tuesday and the master of funky groove on honky. Tonk woman not surprising since jazz was his. I love indeed stones guitarist. Keith richards road. The charlie watts has always been the bed that i lie on musically music including songs lyrics and performance. They are a powerful form of free speech protected by the first amendment and the rolling stones have helped us celebrate that freedom. Their drummer charlie. Watts gave us the satisfaction of music. That sustained us. He died in late august at the age of eighty

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