U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan Are a Nightmare Scenario for Biden


The pentagon reporting an unknown number of casualties. We have seen some reporting. Obviously this is all breaking a series of explosions in afghanistan. Americans of course still trapped the us embassy telling the americans who are at the gate of the airport to go home to get away. This is This is a nightmare. And i have to bring you back one week ago today. One week ago today as biden is stumbling and blundering his way through this foreign policy crisis. Here's what he said a week ago. Today to george autumn pandemonium outside here there but look but no one's being killed right now. God'll give me if. I'm wrong about that. But no one's being killed right now people aren't we got a thousand somewhere twelve hundred yesterday a couple thousand a day and it's increasing. We're going to get those people out. I guess she didn't knock on the wood hard enough because that's what he's reduced to knocking on wood jennifer griffin reporting at fox news. It's very safe to assume there will be no more afghan evacuations as a result of this exp. A terror attack at the kabul afghanistan

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