Time’s Up Leader Resigns After Criticism About Cuomo Ties


Hi Mike Rossi a reporting the leader of the group time's up resigns under fire after ties to Andrew Cuomo are revealed Roberta Kaplan the chair of time's up the organization founded by Hollywood women to fight sexual harassment resigned Monday after revelations that she advised New York governor Andrew Cuomo's administration in its effort to discredit one of Cuomo's accusers a report issued last week by new York's Attorney General concluded Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women the report went on to say Kaplan who has a law practice of her own and Alphonso David the leader of the Human Rights Campaign were consulted last winter about a letter the Cuomo administration drafted attacking former economic development adviser Lindsey Boylan credibility according to the attorney general's report Kaplan told the administration with some adjustments the letter would be fine to send out hi Mike Rossio

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