Professional Runner Abbey Cooper on Trusting the Process With Both Commitment and Surrender


Your takeaway from your conversation with alexi was trusting. The process requires both commitment and surrender. And i think this is something that the everyday runner can relate to Perhaps as much as the professional runner. I'd be curious if you could share a little bit about kind of where that came from and what that means right now. Oh my gosh. We had such a rich conversation in. I can't even imagine you and election having a conversation that i would just sit there and be like this is like this is too good. I can't handle it like the two of you in a room together is that's too much it's too good. It's so funny because we can go like super deep super vast an irish very like silly and she's just wonderful so yeah. I was thrilled. That i got this year l. a. I raised there a few weeks ago and we were just sharing like we're we were at in what we're learning in our like athlete life experiences and Yeah just a similar theme came up of i. I guess i was sharing something about like. You know getting hurt or hurt but like getting that hamstring strain rate before trials in that being like a really good thing that happened to me in the long run because it it required to like. Just die to my control and expectations And she was saying similar thing about you know being. She was on a creative project and she wasn't able to do her normal training and so she like she just changed her mind set about it she was like this is how it like. I'm instead of feeling resentful or bitter or worry. Like i'm just going to reframe this and surrender. What i think i need to do. And she was just saying how surprise she was at how okay. She felt although her training wasn't perfect. And so yeah. There was this theme that like it. It's good you need to be Pursuing a goal obviously requires this like relentless almost stubborn commitment. Like to keep showing up. But at the same time you have to have a loose grip on how that goes you know like not only the result but also the process

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