Taliban, President Trump And General Austin discussed on Brian Kilmeade


From our embassy to the airport for the last 20 years. Just you know the lives that is, It's not. That is how we move. Not the mechanism, so no, no, it's the last minute scram. Well, you know that. It's the last minute scramble when the assurances from the president himself where this was not what we were going to see. It is certainly the case that the speed with which cities fell was much greater than anyone anticipated, including the Afghans, including many of the analysts who looked hard at this problem. Analysts are the problem. What about your secretary? Defense and chamber? The joint Chiefs of Staff. I don't know, Congresswoman, You have better sources than I do. Did they give him bad advice, Or did he ignore it? Uh, I think that he ignored the advice of his military leaders. Um and look, you know Jake Sullivan is right. This isn't Saigon. It's far worse. When when you have a situation where the very terrorist organizations that housed Al Qaeda that house I just put that housed Al Qaeda as they planned and launched. The attacks against us are now back in control of the entire country. They're going to establish a caliphate. Um it's just it's it's that the damage to our national security is significant. The prisoners that have been released the extent to which this is going to change what we have to do in order to keep ourselves safe. Um, just at the massive massive failure Now, look, you know when we talk about this, too. I think the agreement that the Trump administration negotiated with the Taliban in 2020 was a surrender agreement and and that created a situation where we were legitimizing the Taliban and shutting out the Afghan government and and set us on the path we're on now, So it's this is the consequences of a policy of American retreat and withdrawal, and it's very dangerous, but they violated everything that they agreed upon. They said they wouldn't move on the government. Uh, they they actually on that framework that they laid out I was not for I would have been talking to him period. President Trump wanted to get out. But in speaking with their officials this weekend, including the General Jack Keane, They were under the belief after the election. The president Trump never would have let me get this for it. And if you don't believe that maybe you have a right to not believe it didn't think about this. His ego wouldn't have let him allow the Taliban to take over Kabul in three days, he would have stopped it in its tracks. Wow. Look, I mean, I'm not gonna argue with you about this President Trump's ego, But I would just say this that, um, this push to withdraw the 5000 prisoners that were released as a result of that agreement, the fact that Mike Pompeo is the first secretary of state in history to meet with the Taliban, the fact that they were considering inviting the Taliban the Camp David on 9 11. I mean, that that set this all in motion and it was we were told by President Trump by my Pompeo that the Taliban is going to renounce Al Qaeda. We were told that the Taliban is going to fight terror, The terrorists for us just now that happened and I think You know what we're seeing today? Absolutely is the responsibility of Joe Biden. But I think it's really important to take a step back and say, Listen, you know, the United States has to do what's necessary for our national security and in Afghanistan that meant, um having the counterterrorism and counterintelligence capabilities that 2500 you know, forces on the ground gave us now We don't have that We're seeing what happens when we retreat. And we've got to think about now, as prisoners have been released across Afghanistan. You know these global jihadist movements are going to benefit from that and and we're going to be in a situation where there are going to be additional requirements because of heightened threats in order to keep us safe from Islamic terrorists. I listen, General Austin. He's been doing this for about 45 years. He did not know the quality of the Afghan forces. Really? Oh, really? The General Milley did not know the quality. He said. Well, General Austin says I couldn't I didn't know they weren't going to fight if you didn't If you ever need camp, you know the quality of your fighters. Yeah, I guess I was there, fellas. I think that we will find that the military advisers, the military, the commanders here, uh, the President Biden ignored their advice. You know, General Austin is somebody who he said in a conference call that very thing. What I just said he blamed the Afghan forces. Yeah, I know I was on that call. Um, but but they know that they've now got to carry out the orders that President Biden has issued. I think when you you know, I think it's wrong to start talking about. Well, the Afghan forces don't have the will. You know, we completely stripped them of their power. We, You know, put them in a position where we've been working with them, helping them. They had air support They had are trainers with 2500 forces. We were able to prevent the catastrophe that you're seeing right now. So I think it's wrong to blame the forces. But I do think you'll find this was a decision made contrary to the advice of president was getting from the senior military leaders. Absolutely. So, uh, we're talking to Congressman Melissa Chani, who knows enough about national security as anybody in Congress. In the White House to be totally candid Congresswoman. When you look at this, we basically set them up in talking to people this weekend almost like an American force to a degree they used to having commanding officers. But guess what their commanding officers were Americans. So if you could want to fight, But if you don't have a captain of lieutenant colonel to turn around and say, where do I go that you believe in? It's over, and that's what happened. We totally left. So listen to Richard Haass, who agrees with you about the agreement that Trump Team cut cut 25. He's the president of the Council of Foreign Relations. I would actually think the agreement we signed with the Taliban in February, 2020 was a disaster but undermine the Afghan government. It asked virtually nothing of the of the Taliban in exchange for our withdrawal, and Mr Biden, who hasn't been shot about Changing to all sorts of other policies he inherited from Iran to climate change. Why was he unwilling to change this policy? Do you have an answer to that? And do you agree with his assessment? I agree with him and the idea that the Biden administration is somehow saying We didn't have the ability to change the bad path. We were on. Ridiculous. We watched him change policy after policy and so that, you know, look, he he bears responsibility for this. He made the decision. Just one example. You know, when they set the date certain of everybody's got to be out by. I think they said August 31st ultimately. And you know, that meant that we had to start basically evacuating, turning back over our bases in the country, including bomb Graham and the the devastation and the tragic scene that you're seeing today out of the Kabul airport. Wouldn't be seeing that if we had held on to Barbara, so there were a lot of decisions that were made that Yeah, the military, uh, determinations about how to conduct this withdrawal.

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