Thousands Flee Homes As Utah Wildfire Advances


Parts of the West are under excessive heat warnings as more than 100. Wildfires burn in the U. S. In Utah, thousands have evacuated from a fast moving fire outside Salt Lake City. From member station K U ER Sonia Hudson has more Amber Reicher loaded up her white SUV as she prepared to evacuate the small community of timber line She's lived in this community is surrounded by pine trees for five years. It's kind of surreal. I think we always knew there was a possibility of it happening here, especially with what's been going on fire wise and climate wise in recent times, um, but it's a little bit different when it actually happens. The widespread consensus of climate scientists is that climate change makes large destructive wildfire is more likely because of hotter temperatures and drier vegetation. Nearly all of Utah is in the most extreme categories of drought for NPR news. I'm Sonia Hutson,

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