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Next rose sports 1300 the sports fly dexter it's a busy night in the nba in the headliner is in dc the wizards looking a hand the cavaliers their fifth consecutive loss right now the cavs have fifty five forty eight lead with about five minutes to play in the opening half lebron james leading the way for cleveland with fifteen points march chinh guard todd as the eleven four washington elsewhere in the league the pistons with the forty seven forty two secondquarter lead over the box magic with a onepoint edge over the bulls at halftime 45 forty four pacers in front of the seventy six years fifty two 48 that one also late second quarter in the first rockets outward twenty six nineteen lead over the hawks and the next with an early 2015 lead over the sun's kristaps porzingis as twelve or new york the football the ezekiel elliott saga taking another twist today the cowboys running back granted a stay by the second us court of appeals so he is eligible to play when the cowboys meet the chiefs on on sunday a panel of judges will meet next week to hear elliott's request for an injunction one top 25 college game tonight they're just about to get underway number twenty memphis visiting tulsa the astros celebrated their first world series championship in franchise history today with a sea of fans in houston a stylists kyko told those fan that the win news for them guys we love you we weren't boyer for you guys together we want those world series together guys elsewhere masahiro tanaka announced that he will stay with the yankees and not opt out of his contract the pirates picked up andrew makupe jain's option for next season while the marlins declined each rose twomilliondollar option i'm kevin dexter i this is rich ackerman we've got college football cover tomorrow at noon eastern on ion college football on cbs sports radio.

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