How to chat with one of the stars of the movie i did yeah a man cool tarun editon


The new kingsman movie is coming out friday after the show dominic how to chat with one of the stars of the movie i did yeah a man cool tarun editon who is great irony my in ones i was a little bit drunk and he came up said lo to man of the hour i'll put it as a birthright well listen we we're going to hear all about turn and the film tomorrow right but there is little tease clip that i can play now which relates are you still embargoed from saying that you enjoyed the movie i can't tell you though i feel the film was brilliant till one to ten o'clock tonight i gotta tell you that i really really enjoy the film this is serious or a loved movie company and i've told dominic is not allowed took about the failed even know if exit printed is not i'd say that why haven't said that i just i don't know if i do think the film with true genuinely one of the best films i've seen for a long time i can't tell you that right or tomorrow on kyw while i look forward to hearing what you wanna say tomorrow so you try would sarun on friday year now you've just took their about meeting tarun beer in a drunken whatever it was so there's a little clinton tease clip for asked him whether he remembered that moment where you to met so you should have the clip there chris was saying on the radio last week fits when he met you lost time he was a bit where he was hammered ashley those were roy army gnome okay very drunk in the middle of a field so you do remember that meeting fatally i was quite excited to be me and chris moyle show but so i think that kind of cleared the drunken hayes.

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