For a film that's very somber and very like slow



For a film that's very somber and very like slow and i thought those really well done in canada i i don't i don't want to say ryan gosling had range in this movie but he's good at that stuff he he had like what did you call subtle rain he's very good at that he's very good at imoting with his with his features at us face with but not doing too much but then again it gets lost shipped for that and people he does what is good but i felt like this movie played that perfectly especially since he's a an android robot replicant thing and the when the he had those moments where he burst out when he finds out that the memories aren't his or he thinks are his or whatever he sees this frustrated character it felt had more weight as apoe someone who's always charismatic or funny and as i there's not a lot to laugh at in this movie and those moments like when you actually feel something is like i don't know it is very telling of a good filmmaker in either is definitely a contrast between the way he is at home with his like robot girlfriend and a robot but like hologram girlfriend as opposed to when he's out in that because when he's on the world you can tell he's like oh this is my life disbelief job with my job that's the times i definitely think like this this movie in dr speak bested to that kind of a motive lists ryan gosling acting because they fit the best with the world in the character that i was gonna of my one criticism actually it might not be a criticism of moscow mao this so at the end of the film.

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