I've right the name of the found more than i speak the name of the found



So i just want to go around the room any here everybody's thoughts on iphone eight versus iphone tan and i'm starting with laurie guild because i actually don't know her thoughts yet we'll first i when you were saying you almost almost have iphone x i still accidentally say that in my problem is that i write the word i've right the name of the found more than i speak the name of the found and it just comes out and so what i've been doing lately when i'm typing when i have to write the word i found ten and i hit the ex biden i say in my mind ten this is what i turn it on hamas lowry member west ham was so here cluster that they should have learned but they didn't and give their fault the area where all saying x now but so that's at the i have my own issues with improper in naming of the found but am i you know i have the iphone 7 plus and it's wonderful and i actually m i've switch back from my iphone s e my my lovely lovely i found as e that's four inches and fits in my pocket and is easily to use with one hand i love it very much i switched back to the iphone 7 plus specifically so that when the i found ten comes out i'm used to a larger sized found and the iphone ten will feel smaller and more comfortable army brilliant i it's it's strategic kezai i'm i'm going for the iphone ten there's no way i'm not getting at it looks gorgeous and it is actually a little bit smaller than the i found eight a little bit larger than the iphone eight.

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