Kimmel's say that brian kilmeade kisses his bought like a little boy meeting batman


Follow on sweater he asked me to write a blur for his book which i did he caused by aged looking for projects he's dying to be a member of the hollywood elite hillary's he's got a members of hollywood lease because nobody will hiram the what and you know the reason i'm talking about this because my son had an open heart surgery last up to more and because of that i learned that there are kids with no insurance situation i don't get anything out of this brian you fully a little creep oau powell do what i see is brian kilmeade is a phony little crete there should telling there's some telling things in that role model log first of all you heard kimmel's say that brian kilmeade kisses his bought like a little boy meeting batman jimmy kimmel really believe she's batman while this subject he does he thinks he's a superhero he thinks she's a he's the voice of reason i the comic on tv whose representing the will of all those who want free healthcare and then the other part of it is is talking about how wonderful it is to be the hollywood elite now we made fun of the emmy awards the other night and everybody was joking about all these rich famous pampered entitled spoiled stars give each other awards and tell each other how great they are well that's that's jimmy kimmel that that brian kilmeade who's got very nice tv career klammer's to be part of the hollywood elite because it's so important these guys are so special that's what they think of themselves and it it it blows my mind eight hundred six five five mike todd you're on the mike gallagher show welcome aboard yeah i or taking my call i i.

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