Hero NYPD Irish cop Ryan Nash guns down ISIS terrorist


The local aspect of this a terror attack that happened in new york because the first person to respond was a local nypd officer ryan nashshibi on the force for five years what can local law enforcement and due to stop a some of these terror attacks our help prevent at least these terror attacks it looks like it's going to be with vehicles now grade right well actually in a we've known about this methodology that isis has talked about for about the path i get the past five years the fbi is information whereby the playbook in isis now says that they need this tried do trying to get individuals to radicalize themselves and then using weapons are using vehicles as weapons so we know that so what has happened i think police departments mary all across the country have done a tremendous job in trying to reduce the risk appreciate it with people trying to use vehicle than hour have they've done that for example at the wing calibration last night in new york city and in washington dc one of the things i noticed was that there was a lot of huge truck loaded with sand and things like that to block the area where somebody could friday you've a vehicle so again we people lease departments being very proactive in trying to stop these types of situations now the situation yesterday with this individual in new york city it very difficult to understand at this point why because here's a guy that we're going to the country he came in under the umbrella of the divers diversity visa program which are the program that we really need to take another closer look at minutes with the program that started i think under the obama or the clinton administration but this guy came in he kind of state under the radar he didn't really have a criminal history it was kinda hard to identify these will be known as low and warm door wolf pack who is hard to identify those types of individuals mary you've covered the as a deep former thomas i deductive you covered murders obviously and when you cover a normal profile somebody who doesn't fit the description of a terrorist is it much more typical for them to have a criminal background no actually and again after another good question is not typical for the maverick criminal background here the.

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