Barack Obama, Democratic Party and Donald Trump discussed on Mornings On the Mall with Brian Wilson


To get eight percent of african american men so i'm a huge number of but that's that's in the same category two can you trust them i'm gonna do is really understand if you're saying hits us trump voters fine white people i mean that's grotesque generalization in it yeah definitely end the idea that and on what about people who voted for barack obama and then decided to vote for donald trump people who've who went across party lines they've the obama voters to trump voters real phenomenon why do they exist oh because they don't view things on the race on racial lines they view things actually on on a economic prosperity lines who's going to be better for the country who's gonna be better for the economy and they attempted to make that message i mean the feeling shows this in the democratic party knows it by the way they know that the reason they're obama to trump crossover voters is they think that the democrats are the party of the rich and that trump would actually do something for the working man imagine that seventh people thinking for themselves all my gosh it's it's shocking 743 and wmal looking for a home improvement company of northern.

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