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The american game the cancer the alleged treatable you ipc mobile news on the level of the co remembering the richmond hills explosion in 34 church this morning on bradford maps here's what's trending 80 three well it's been five years since that explosion what's kit which killed jennifer and dion longworth abandoned memory of them was dedicated at the richmond hills subdivision park on saturday so glad i could be here happy to see this bench it's very well done gets it's nice it's classy the way of stone mark leonard bob leonard a monster it surely are serving jail time after police say the three conspired police house so she could collect insurance money stepping down karaoke cue to robert isaf's eib's has been on the job on and off since 1987 including the last seven years eyes will leave at the end of this year ives his resignation wallop sherif high profile cases remain unsolved including the murders of abbey williams and lippi german and delphi state police say they are still looking into other tips even after recently interviewing uh in cowley's pervade does that that were seen as promising or more promising than this run but that's the whole purpose of investigating state police are stolen uh mcauliffe you have john two 59 a gallon as what you're going to pay to fill up the gas tank today so says gasbuddycom uh nato four here's your forecast keener i'm meteorologist rivals here's a look at your forecast for the sunday 43 are expected high temperature for today and we will expect some scattered showers often on throughout the day as well but we should be able to clear those outlined tonight with a low temperature of thirty two partly cloudy for monday and a high forty five right now cloudy and thirty four headed for the mid 40s later today on the go.

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