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Mobile home ministry mutual so view don't to standard do something about were legitimate numero waiting now that interested what john out that will make much difference the plot will spark what a why did not on the snap yours want warburg he's going to have to explain his way out of this one after hearing appointed the ruin on a girl his confirm quarterback was down by konta bockel resent or factor it was hard on my friend of the seahawks a break they've got a chance on a hill mary redskins can't believe it so it was a wilson will take the snap immediately and washington my take our time out yup i can arafat kukoc a clearly debbie graham is the number one threat russell wolves who could manufacturer enough time downer to dig had him the ball so what do you do you rush fully on wolf who did try to get to put on a whole bunch of gadsden the end zone usually you put defense faction noon joan role nautile jump rupaul in admiral sometimes i put receivers back there i did not see any washington receivers at the moment and what the seahawks probably wanna do is maybe try tipped the ball supplied she strode award yard light tip it back somebody catches it at the five i mean this is this is your hail mary coming up right now for the seattle seahawks for from seattle standpoint of denies russell wilson control north bond was right and then rundown and catch of himself but what what a golden opportunity will take two who's not everything else here we go from the 46 redskins lead sub did fourteen five for what play wilson gets the snap what dan rush almost got at me sets these throw it do you think of the at in a crowd added read could blake back at the edge off all stumping up with it we'll see tanner mcevoy but the actual all then he might be the fdp he got an honor to evade sure ginny graham did catch it and that is the washington redskins where they dramatic comefrombehind victory and they come up with a huge win with seemingly half for their roster unable to play certainly four their five starting off its of linemen we were unable to play if they come from behind and beat seattle by a final score of.

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