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Parkway. Accident finally cleared northbound approaching one forty five, but we now have a southbound crash on the Parkway that's right around one forty-seven traffic backs up to the Essex tolls and a bit further south you're on the brakes approaching route one in Woodbridge, we've still got that crash. Northbound truck lanes at the turnpike that's up by fifteen e with a right lane closed in two thousand seven on the slow side northbound exit eight through twelve southbound eight through three you're on the brakes and eighteen southbound through New Brunswick busy back out to the turnpike. You've got trouble on seventy eight. Westbound exit fifty six the offramp they're partially blocked. The stalled vehicle you've still got that crash in Farmingdale on thirty three eastbound approaching colts neck road. And now a crash on nine southbound as you head down towards thirty four looks like instructions still causing delays in rare Nantou too as well. And at the Lincoln tunnel about ten to fifteen to leave New Jersey just five at the Holland Jeff from New Jersey traffic north Christina south, oh, New Jersey traffic south. We're looking at delays right now if you're traveling on ninety five so the northbound side out through six fifty six exit nineteen through was jeffer- gets heavy that offramp is closed down for a crash being cleared. Also, if you're headed southbound onto ninety five route seventy three to forty two in pockets, we're definitely seeing traffic onto the speed limit. Now fifty five northbound moving into the area of three twenty two jammed up. It's an overturned dump truck the right lane blocked off lots of emergency activity going on here. Six seventy six south between Morgan boulevard and forty choose pretty jammed up. It's always forty two southbound moving into the area of creek road. And if you're answering New Jersey with the Walt Whitman not too bad but starting around mid span it just gets a little bit congested traffic every fifteen minutes next. Up four forty eight from the raycatena dot com traffic deaths New Jersey when at one point five..

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