Sending a Meteorite Home

Innovation Now


It's not element Trie. But thanks to its own Watson Sherlock will perform fundamental scientific investigations on the surface of Mars, Susan avation now when an ultra violet light shines over certain carbon-based chemicals. They give off the same blow you see under a black light scientists use that glow to detect chemicals that form in the presence of life. A laser instrument called Sherlock will be the first to use those same forensic techniques. On Mars Sherlock will photograph the rocks. It targets then use a high precision laser to illuminate rock features as fine as a human hair before mapping the chemicals. It detects. But that level of precision requires a calibration target to help tweak the laser settings so Sherlock, we'll have a companion on the Mars twenty twenty Rover. An actual piece of Mars. Not any meteorite will work for this mission. The sample needs to be solid enough to avoid flaking and must possess. Certain chemical features to test sherlock's sensitivity. S A us zero zero eight is just right. So NASA will be sending a Martian meteorite home for innovation. Now. I'm Jennifer colon innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w HR V.

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