Activists Say Blame Over Migrant Caravan Distracts From Issues Of Violence, Poverty


This message comes from NPR sponsored jet dot com with two day delivery, and no membership fees jet offers a tailored shopping experience that fits seamlessly into your daily life. Get started today by visiting jet dot com or downloading the jet app. Now, many of the migrants now travelling north originated in Honduras and journeys like that happen every year. But this group is far larger than most and it's field competing narratives about how it was organized. NPR's? Carrie Kahn reports many of the migrants say they heard about it on TV and social media and jumped at the chance to flee in the safety of numbers. Thirty four year old Zell Vasquez in our sister with seven kids between them stop to grab some free coffee and bread handed out by local residents in southern Mexico. They've been walking for days they heard about the hundreds leaving Honduras via social media last week grabbed a bus catching up with the caravan right before crossed into Guatemala. Adamo Benita and got up got me nine the FaceTime. We've been waiting months to join up with a caravan leaving says Vasquez, you said she wanted to flee Honduras after her husband was extorted and killed by gang members. She says there was no way she could pay smugglers thousands of dollars. And when she got a text on WhatsApp describing the size of this one. It seemed the safest way to go talking to migrants on the trek north you hear similar stories early in October. Flyers began circulating in the Honduran city of San Pedro Zula. The March north would leave from the city central bus station. Popular cable station. Eight C H went live from the bus station showing hundreds already lining up by telephones as a former legislator and human rights activists who put the original posters up says the TV shots were the best publicity, nor nor nor no you're how I never never imagined. So many people at join the caravan in that it will grow into the thousands as when days the president of under us as accused of receiving funds from Venezuela. Other officials have said Wednesday's is using the migrants to score political points back home. He denies all those claims. Pharrell would not keys to a London used this way. Way better affect the benthic forecast. Again, you just have to spend fifteen minutes with these people in you know, why they're fleeing. He says Rodolfo pastor compos is a spokesman for Honduras as main opposition party LeBron saying that behind the caravan are radical political interests leftists and criminal interests is grotesque and absurd. He says it's easier for the current government to blame the migrants them provide needed jobs, safety and freedom of political expression calls to the Honduran president spokesman were not answered and interview request of the hundred ambassador in Mexico was declined Carrie Kahn, NPR news, Mexico City support for this podcast and the following message. Come from internet essentials from Comcast. Connecting more than six million low income people to low cost high speed internet at home. So students are ready for homework class graduation and more. Now there.

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