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Officials are warning that foreign adversaries have already targeted next month's midterm elections. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports a Russian accountant is the first to face federal charges. Federal prosecutors say Elena Kucinich conspired to defraud the United States. Authorities say she managed a budget of more than thirty five million dollars aimed at targeting elections here and in other countries the methods from Russians balk domain names and Facebook ads to sow division on issues such as race relations and immigration their messages targeted people, including former President Barack Obama and late Arizona Senator John McCain may also mentioned special counsel, Robert Muller the man leading the investigation. Into Russian interference in two thousand sixteen. Intelligence officials say the Russians are still on the attack. But they say there's no evidence foreign adversaries have been able to prevent Americans from voting or to change vote counts. Carrie Johnson NPR news, Washington. The Trump administration's trying to fast track and environmental review of projects that deliver. Federally subsidized water to farmers out. West NPR's, Kirk siegler reports a new presidential. Memorandum is designed to loosen environmental restrictions in west coast states, Republicans going back to the George W Bush administration have tried to increase water deliveries to farmers and California's massive central valley project where water from snow fed reservoirs gets pumped south to arid farmland. But those deliveries are perennially cut back due to attempts to protect endangered fish and drought. The president's order would speed up a current review of this as well as two other projects in Oregon and Washington, if environmental restrictions are loosened there will likely be. Prolonged legal battle one of the biggest champions of this latest plan is deputy interior secretary. David Bernhardt used to lobby for the Fresno based Westlands water district one of the largest and most influential water agencies in the west Kirk siegler, NPR news. This is NPR firm cake news, I'm Tiffany Cam. High. President Trump wants to see more water go to central valley farmers so much. So that he signed a memorandum saying that yesterday science reporter Lauren summer is here to explain all of this to us and Lauren the federal government has put states in charge of their own water. Does this memo tried to chip away at those states rights, and if not what does it do? Yeah. I mean, the reality is California is in charge of most of the decisions around water within our state borders, and that's based on a lot that goes back more than a century. There is one area though. And this is where it's. Get particularly messy where the federal government controls things and that has to do with them endangered species protections for salmon and delta smelt these two fish that are kind of caught up in these California water wars. So the federal government is now rewriting those protections. The memorandum from Trump basically said to speed up that process, and if that actually weakens protections for these endangered species it sets up a really big fight potentially. And that's because the state has its own endangered species acts of estate will want to see tough protections for these species. Even if the federal government weakens them. So the president was surrounded by a lot of Republican congress members from the central valley when he signed this a few of them are in races. That are tighter than expected. Is it a coincidence that this is coming so close to the election? There's a lot of speculation that no it was not a coincidence. I mean, you have people like Representative Jeff Denham from turlock his race is a lot tighter than maybe he expected. And a lot of them. Got this great photo op with the president signing something and they can go back to their constituents. Mostly farmers saying look what we did for you. Even though really this. Memorandum will probably have very little immediate impact for those farmers in terms of getting water that was Lauren summer, and I'm

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