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Check sports at the desert Ford dealers sports desk, here's Paul Calvin. Do we don't have a quarterback controversy brewing with the cardinals? That's been put to rest. Right. Well, you know, here's the question to Steve Wilks yesterday. Have you thought about going to Josh Rosen? I thought it was just that one position. I will be more than willing to say. You know, what we need to make a change? You know, we need a spark. We need something to happen. But it's not just saying and that is his stance right now. Based on what he said yesterday. There's no quarterback change. Now if they continue to struggle, and they're not very productive in the first half against the bears. I don't know. What do they do it at halftime? I dunno. That's complete speculation. We'll see so. Yeah. The cardinals getting ready for the bears. He saw the bears last night. Hang on get the win against the Seahawks. Seattle is now. Oh and two and Khalil Mack has more sacks than the raiders do and he's forces many takeaways as well. So how's that tastes Oakland Raiders and Jon Gruden on that one let's see here again ASU going up to YouTube and then d-box oh boy the bats went silent. And I'm not gonna lie. This music is completely thrown me right now sort of like the d backs of the plate yesterday three hits in this one. They are now four in twelve in September as we said earlier September. It's the new may. And so. Down the stretch. They come and. Yeah. Five one loss in their cubs. Go you out a couple of times. And there you go. That's sports. KTAR news..

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